The rich saw that we were coming to eat them…

IDS resigned – Possibly just to pull back some moral high ground in time to run for Tory leadership after the EU Referendum. Possibly to be replaced with the equally sadistic Priti Patel. But at least he resigned.


Nest stop, Osborne.

2 thoughts on “The rich saw that we were coming to eat them…

  1. Sadly I think it was a self-serving move to manoeuvre himself into leading the Brexit campaign and undermining Cameron as leader rather than his conscience catching up with him. The right wing clearly believe that all disabled people are scroungers and have no place in this world.

    • And it looks like we’re out of the fire and into the other fire; Scrabb doesn’t look like an improvement at all.

      I think you’re right that he’s aiming for Tory leadership; He led the Tories in the early 2000s, so I can see him wanting to do that again with a smaller but more unified party (Tory or splinter) either after Brexit or in the lead-up to official campaigning on it.

      My big hope is that the Tories will splinter, split the right-wing vote, and end up locked out of power.

      But then again, I also hope that someone will buy me a Suzuki Intruder and take me on a shopping spree on Goldhawk Road, so my hopes aren’t always realistic.

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