How do you spell it?

Today is, once again, Blogging Against Disablism Day as well as May Day (Rise up, comrades!), as well as the start of EDS Awareness month. And yesterday was Walpurgisnacht, my favourite of all the non-holidays. And in a couple of weeks it’ll be International Goth Day. So I’m feeling celebrated. And this is also the month in which I’m going to write my dissertation, go to Stanmore for nebulously more treatment, and prepare for the Mod 1 bike test. So I’m going to be bloody busy.


Atop that, I’m going to spend all of May doing an EDS-HM alphabet; one topic, one letter, per day, basically focussed on hypermobility type but with nods to the others as well. If we include today, which is this little introduction (which throughout the month will get links to the other posts added) and a question-and-answer day at the end of the month, that gives me three days “off”. If I end up overrunning, I’ll just continue them on into next month.


As they say, if you want a job done, give it to someone that’s busy already.


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