Time is passing

Pardon the two-month absence.


In that time:


Failed my degree and am embroiled in a battle with the university.

Three more Mod 1 attempts, all fails, but at least one of them a really good fail, so I think I’ve got a good chance of passing the next time, on the 8th.

Been to a bike rally with the bike forum at my local cafe, and planning to go to one with them in Dorset at the end of September.

Feel like I’m falling to pieces, mentally and physically, and have seen the GP about anxiety. Going to get an OT referral to get resting splints to stop myself from ripping myself to shreds in my sleep.

Replaced my chain, sprockets, oil filter, spark plug… And discovered that my air filter is rusted in-place and long past the end of its life. So going to change that tomorrow. And have popped my front headlamp’s bulb and fuse.

Rode to Bridlington with some people that I met at the garage, found another gryphaea which is basically traditional now.