A Day In the Life – Höstdagjämning

Happy ȝevelengðhe!


03.00 – Wake up with dislocated shoulder and hand on left hand side, take half an hour to take morphine, try to whisk circulation back into it.

03.45 – Begin to fall back to sleep

08.30 – Woken up by alarm, fail to wake up, but take morning medication (10mg slow-release morphine, 75mg slow-release diclofenac.

09.30 – Woken up by alarm, fail to wake up. In a lot of unspecified pain that makes me very comnfused

10.15 – Wake up, back pain begins, start screaming at nobody.

10.23 – Make it as far as the quick-release morphine. Take, dislocating wrist in process. Fall back to sleep without relocating.

11.08 – Wake up twisted into an ouroboros, or a moebius strip, or both. Wrist still fucked, back even worst.

11.30 – Right shoulder luxates and doesn’t go back. Remains out for the rest of the day, getting intermittently more painful.

12.00 – Take laxative. The next couple of hours are censored for graphic depiction of faecal disimpaction. Luxate several ribs and pelvis in process.

14.00 – Return to recording. Sore head. Mystery sublux in foot which doesn’t go away.

[forgot to record a few hours because sore head turned into a mini-migraine]

17.32 – Spasms in right shoulder start, after making a pot noodle. Forget to eat pot nodle.

17.33 – Right wrist luxates. Reset by mechanical force.

17.51 – Back pain back up to a 9. Lie very very still. Possibly sleep.

19.15 – Get up with resounding CLONK of vertebrae.

20.46 – go to work, taking morphine and two glasses of port in the process. (All times now approximate)

20.50 – Luxate right hip whilst working. Reduce.

20.55 – Luxate left wrist and thumb whilst working. Reset.

21.00 – Luxate left shoulder, leaving me with zero shoulders. Reset badly.

21.30 – Finish work, wash up. Hands cramp and freeze in the water, multiple finger and wrist luxations.

21.41 -Left patella luxates.

22.57 – Shoulder pain on the right gets so bad that the chest goes into spasm, taking the clavicle with it. Debate diazepam, but decide against it because it’s horrible.

23.15 – Mysterious gut pain. Realise that I’ve not eaten all day, but have had no appetite anyway. Decide on orange juice.

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