Long story short – Born in 1986, super-fit until 2005, then gradually got more and more ill until being diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome (Aka Ehlers-Danlos HM) in 2013.

I am increasingly not ashamed to admit that I live in poverty. I’ve been self employed since 2011, and have only worked sporadically since 2014. Disability is a cruel taskmaster.

I live to swim, and have recently discovered that what was missing from my life (Both for saving money, regaining some independence and preserving my mental health) was a motorcycle.

I also enjoy sewing, iaido, studying German, atarashii naginata, sculpting, pretty dolls, antique pocketwatches, tattoos, the great outdoors, architecture, cows, velvet, getting politically shouty, and generally marvelling at everything.

Lifelong depressive, but I’ve got the best friends (Including a fabulous Dog) a man could ever hope for, and love them endlessly.

Devoted to decadence.


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