So, after the migraine early last week, and the ongoing pain in my jaw, I ended up phoning 111 – When the dental pain is getting bad enough that you can’t close your mouth, and you can remember that the last time this happened it ended up with an infected abscess that stopped you eating for months, and resulted in the (incredibly expensive) loss of a tooth, you get nervy about dental pain.

The call handler was really helpful and sympathetic – I think this kind of “uncomplicated problem” is what 111 handles best. It’s a shame it’s advertised as being something much broader than it is (and we can get onto the rant of how it’s allowed to use NHS logos despite being a private firm later.)

Not much has happened, other than that I was sent to the emergency dentist at LxH on Monday (sixty quid I really can’t afford to spare, including the taxis there and back because no way was I riding in snow with reduced vision in one eye and my ears ringing with pain), where I was given penicillin (Four times a day, no eating for two hours before or one hour after a dose) which is making my guts feel like a nightmare, and have an appointment with my own dentist booked on Friday at 2.20.

At least the jaw pain is decreasing. Slowly. Current verdict is that it’s an acute presentation of a chronic abscess. Probably meaning that the tooth will have to go, or at least that the bone will need to be drilled. Fuck.