The Afternoon Game

Another boardgame, this one fell out of my head fully formed during a morphine dream one afternoon. Hence the name.


This is the cleaned-up version of the game and ruleset.





On a totally different note – I’ve had a board game sloshing around in my skull with about a quarter of a rulebook for literally the last eight years.

Last night, mid-morphine-binge, I decided to put the rules down on paper in a way that didn’t involve the back of an envelope.

Anyone that fancies trying to play it, here’s the rules so-far.


54 “blue” tokens, in stacks of six. These are the blue team’s pieces. 13 “dark blue” tokens, in a stack of 13. This is the blue team’s citadel.

54 “red” tokens, in stacks of six. These are the red team’s pieces. 13 “dark red” tokens, in a stack of 13. This is the red team’s citadel.

One 9×9 square board.

I had been using pennies, heads-up for blue and tails-up for red, with sixpences for the citadels. On a larger board, instead of stacking tokens or coins (like draughts), you could use clusters of beads (like bao) or on a smaller board you could use single counters numbered 1-6 – I briefly used two colours of dice. The set I’ve put together to take to a friend’s house to try out is two colours of beer bottle lids – Tiger vs Sheep.


(these are all images, but feel free to make screen-reader versions in the comments)

board setup moving and splitting


taking and reducing

The aim of the game is to remove your opponent’s citadel from the board.

Here’s a couple of example moves, at the start of the game;

examplemovesI don’t know – I think it’s playable, but probably only because it’s easier to play than to explain. If anyone tries it, tell me – Is it actually fun? Playable? Possible to explain simply?