Meta meta meta

I seem to be followersammeln, and I have no idea if you eigentlich people are, or if you im Grunde Alicebots seid oder sofort that make blogs.

Also, since it four am morgen is, say hallo and selbst introduce in the comments.

My name ist Percy, I like swimming and making stuff and verwickelt pastiches of Victorian smut schreiben. I live with my dog and my partner.

Your turn.


Just to say that, finally, all of my posts are correctly tagged. So clicking something in the tag cloud will bring up all the posts on that subject.



EDIT: I just accidentally deleted someone’s comment – I didn’t see who, I just accidentally pressed “Bin” rather than “Approve”. Sorry – Try again, I’ll be less fumblethumbed in future?

Zebras in the herd

Tomorrow is the meeting of the local EDS Society support group. I’m not sure if I’m going yet, but I might be. A combination of being too scared to meet people, kind of knackered and set in my ways, unsure what good it will do, if any, and annoyance with the parent charity (Which, yes, I am still a member of, but probably won’t be renewing).

I suppose the final point is easily dismissed – there’s a big difference between the people who write wooh and push it on the desperate, and the generally helpful people at support group meetings.

My “support group” so to speak is online, usually. I’ve started adding the blogs of other zebras to the “Zebras you may Enjoy” page, and eventually I’ll just add the blogs of random friends who you’ll find interesting too.

Any zebras following me, by the way, feel free to add yourself in the comments (Though I’ve probably added more than half of you already). What I really want is a webring, but that might be a bit too 1998.