I now have a youtube channel, it’s going to be largely eds-related videos and pictures. Here’s some of them.


Note – I haven’t put transcripts on any of these yet, but I do attempt to make them understandable without needing the audio. Feel free to add transcripts in the comments, or any other accessibility features that may be necessary.


General content warning for swearing and mild body horror (Dislocations, visible scarring).


These videos are not a replacement for medical advice, and are presented in the context of many Zebras not having access to any resources on how to mechanically reduce their own luxations, despite it being a common symptom. These videos are thus an example of one untrained layman’s home-brewed “solutions” to common problems. They are not approved by any medical body, and should not be construed as a recommendation.


A bit of a long ramble on how we all look the same, sort of.



The Beighton hypermobility score, major criteria.



Sternoclavicular luxation.



Radial or ulnar luxation at the elbow. (No explanation)



Glenohumeral luxation.



Ulnar luxation at the wrist.



Femoral head subluxation.



Coccygeal symphisis luxation.


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